Drop pipe Metzerplas IDIT


Diameter of the tube: 16 mm;
Distance between droppers: 33 cm;
Wall thickness: 1,15 mm. (45 mil);
Working pressure: 2-2,5 bar;
Throughput: 2.3 l/h;
Type of built-in dropper: uncompensated;
Color of the tube: black;
Type of drip tube: long-term, for water of poor quality, cleared;
Purpose: drip irrigation;
Manufacturer: Metzerplas (Israel).



In those cases where the quality of water for drip irrigation leaves much to be desired – a drip tube with uncompensated cylindrical drippers Metzerplas IDIT will come to the rescue. Its design has a double inlet filter preventing clogging, which maximally adapts the tube to low-quality water. Turbulent lines, which are organized in drippers of Metzerplas IDIT tubes, also contribute to increased resistance to clogging, which emphasizes the belonging of this product to application in specific environments.

For all its uniqueness, this drip tube has retained its versatility, which in turn has positively affected the convenience of its installation and compatibility with a standard hardware of 16 mm. The well-chosen parameters of the water pouring, the distance between the droppers and the wall thickness of the tube as a whole make this tube both convenient for installation and perfectly adapted to plants. Taking into account also its ability to work with low quality water – in general it can be said that the Metzerplas IDIT drip pipe is a unique tool in the hands of the landscaper. However, it is worth noting that water must be cleaned from large contaminants before use.


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